Masterflex® L/S C-Flex Tubing, Cole Parmer

Supplier: Cole Parmer
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76049-390PK 206.56 USD
76049-390 76049-382 MSPP-DK064247 76049-394 76049-380 76049-392 76049-386 76049-398 76049-376 76049-384 76049-374 76049-396 76049-388 76049-378 MSPP-DK0642425 MSPP-HV0642417
Masterflex® L/S C-Flex Tubing, Cole Parmer
Tubing Silicone Tubing
Combines the biocompatabilty of silicone with the chemical resistance similar to PVC.

  • Very low protein binding
  • Heat sealable and weldable
  • Exceptional tensile and tear strength
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Low gas permeability
  • Smooth surface
  • Opaque white finish

Masterflex® L/S pump tubing is manufactured to extremely close tolerances that match the L/S pump heads, ensuring accurate, repeatable flow and long tubing life.

Applications include general-purpose laboratory use requiring high performance and long life.

Operating temperture range is –40 to -60 °C. Static temperature range is –60 to 121 °C.

Sterilize by EtO, autoclave, or gamma radiation. When autoclaving, do not clamp; wrap in non-linting cloth or paper at MAX 132 °C- 1 bar for 30 minutes.

Certifications: USP Class VI; European Pharmacopeia (3.2.9); FDA; Exceeds 3A Sanitary; Reach Compliant, RoHS Compliant, ADCF Compliant.
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