Aniline blue water soluble 2.5% in 2% acetic acid

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences

Synonyms: Acid Blue 22Soluble Blue 3M, 2RAniline blue WSMarine Blue VDisodium hydrogen aminomethyl[[4-[(sulphonatophenyl)amino]phenyl][4-[(sulphonatophenyl)imino]cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene]methyl]benzenesulphonateChina BlueCotton BlueAniline blue disodiumsaltCI 42755Blackley BlueCN DcK-11Water Blue

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Aniline blue water soluble 2.5% in 2% acetic acid
Aniline blue water soluble

Aniline Blue Electron Microscopy Sciences solution is a prepared, ready-to-use, high quality staining solutions for standard staining procedures used by the Biological Staining Commission and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Available in concentrations of 2.5% in 2% Acetic Acid, Phosphomolybdic Acid Solution, and with Orange G.

Formula: C₃₂H₂₅N₃Na₂O₉S₃
MW: 737,74 g/mol
Storage Temperature: ambient
CAS Number: 28631-66-5
EINECS: 249-113-9

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