LB Lennox Agar, Teknova

L9330 L9335
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LB Lennox Agar, Teknova
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
For the growth of E. coli and other enteric bacteria.

  • Add 35 grams per 1 Liter of water to reconstitute
  • Autoclave to sterilize
  • Ambient shipping conditions
  • Store at room temperature

LB Lennox contains less salt than most common formulations of LB, known as LB Miller

Ingredients: 1.0% Tryptone (10.0g/L), 0.5% Yeast Extract (5.0g/L), 0.5% NaCl (5.0g/L), and 1.5% Agar (15.0g/L).

LB Lennox is commonly used for cloning in recombinant E. coli and selection with salt-sensitive antibiotics such as Blasticidin, CloNat, Hygromycin, Puromycin and Zeocin.
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