GoatThroat Flammable Liquid Pumps, Westcott Distribution

Supplier: Westcott
SCP.FEP.7600 SCP.200 SCP.100 SCP.300 SCP.200S
103348-858EA 524.22 USD
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GoatThroat Flammable Liquid Pumps, Westcott Distribution
Pumps Drum/Transfer Pumps
This maintenance-free, environmentally sound, chemical drum pump allows fast, safe transfer of more than 1400 Chemicals.

  • Groundable plastic, suitable for use with flammable liquids
  • Uses low pressure to deliver fluids. (<5psi)
  • Delivers fluid in a steady stream with no pulsing or fluid shear
  • Has finger tip control of fluid flow for accurate dispensing fluids when needed
  • Isolates the drum contents from the outside air
  • Eliminates evaporation, contamination, and VOC emissions
  • RCRA empty barrels and containers
  • Limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Siphon tube length: 48"

These engineering controls for fluids are designed to minimize the hazards associated when transferring liquids, including leaks, spills drips, and vapor emissions

GoatThroat® Pumps work by pressurizing a container to dispense liquids with one touch, as easily as using a faucet. A few strokes of the piston can pressurize any container from 2-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums.

Life expectancy on each pump is approximately 10 years. The set up of these pumps allows low pressure (<6 PSI) to be built up in the vessel; the power of the pressure moves the fluid. Therefore, there are fewer worker injuries than with other hand pumps which require continuous, repetitive action to move fluids.

Review compatibility guide prior to ordering. 1 year limited warranty only applies when correct pump is used with approved liquids.

Certifications: Meets RoHS, ELV, WEEE, EPCRA, and CA Prop. 65, e, Made in USA. Meets U.N. safety standards for dangerous goods drums.

Ordering information: Kit includes Pump, Grounding and bonding wires, 48-inch siphon tube, 2" NPT Barrel Fitting, Rubber Compression Fitting, Molykote 111 lubricant, Teflon Tape, 30 Page Instruction Manual.

Confirm pump and chemical compatibility before order; warranty only applies to liquids on the approved list; consider filling out Pump Selection Guide to verify all requirements; special adapters required for buttress threads on containers; special adapters required for 5 gallon/20 liter containers.

Delivery information: Ships within 7 days ARO.
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