SiliaBond® Propyl Chloride, Functionalized Irregular Silica Gel, SiliCycle

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SiliaBond® Propyl Chloride, Functionalized Irregular Silica Gel, SiliCycle
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SiliaBond is SiliCycle's line of functionalized silica gels for use in organic synthesis.

  • Great variety of functional groups available
  • Fast Kinetics
  • Compatible with all solvents
  • Excellent Mechanical and Thermal Stability
  • Controlled Loading
  • Available in multiple formats

SiliCycle is a leader in the development of functionalized silica gels, gathered under the name SiliaBond, for use in organic synthesis.

The backbone of all SiliaBond products is SiliCycle SiliaFlash® F60 which provides superior performance for all types of applications thanks to its narrow particle size distribution and high purity.

Supported reagents have distinct advantages over their solution-phase counterparts, the biggest one being the ability to do multiple transformations in a single pot, the immobilization of toxic reagents, and increased selectivity. They are suitable for use in batch reactions and in flow through applications.
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