Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Developing Chambers, General Glass Blowing

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Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Developing Chambers, General Glass Blowing
TLC Development Tanks
These TLC developing chambers are designed for 10cm plates.

  • Faster and more uniform solvent saturated atmosphere
  • Flat ground top, beveled for safety on the inner and outer rims
  • Bottom has been ground flat for stability
  • Tanks are excellent for storing a series of test solvents for selecting the optimum solvent for separating unknown fractions

The smaller cubic inch chamber allows for a faster and more uniform solvent-saturated atmosphere. This reduced chamber size also requires less solvent to obtain equilibrium. The unique latching device holds the matching ground glass surfaces of the lid and tank firmly in place. Metal components of the Latch-Lid mechanism are made of stainless steel. Accommodates up to two plates in the ThinLine model and up to six plates in the standard model with the hard anodized aluminum rack.
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