Alcian blue 8GX 50% (by UV/Vis)


Synonyms: C.I. 74240C.N. AnAn-6Ingrain Blue 1Alcian blue 8 GX

CDX-A0201-L500 CDX-A0201-DD25
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102989-262 102989-264
Alcian blue 8GX 50% (by UV/Vis)
Alcian blue 8 GX

Alcian blue 8GX is primarily used for demonstrating acid mucopolysaccharides, which it does quite selectively. In recent years there has been some difficulty obtaining the dye. Alcian Blue 8GX is also suitable for detection of glycoproteins on nitrocellulose and in PAGE gels. There are other dyes similar to alcian blue, although not necessarily belonging to the same class of dyes. Alcian green has gained some popularity, and alcian yellow has been suggested, especially in a method for demonstrating Helicobacter. They are used for acid mucopolysaccharides in the same way as alcian blue. They have no particular advantage for demonstrating mucin. According to the Merck Index the groups marked X split off during staining.

Formula: C₅₆H₆₈Cl₄CuN₁₆S₄
MW: 1298.86 g/mol
Storage Temperature: Refrigerator
MDL Number: MFCD00010720
CAS Number: 75881-23-1

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Specification Test Results

Source/Host Synthetic.
Purity 50% (Dye content) (UV/Vis)
Appearance/Color Blue liquid.
Solubility Soluble in 1% in water solution (3% acetic acid).

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