SiliaFlash® Irregular Silica Gels, SiliCycle Inc

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SiliaFlash® Irregular Silica Gels, SiliCycle Inc
Chromatography Sorbents Flash Chromatography Sorbents
SiliaFlash® products are ideal for both analytical and preparative chromatography, from laboratory to pilot-plant processes and production scales.

  • High purity silica gels
  • Lowest level of fines on the market
  • Exceptional narrow particle and pore size distributions
  • Batch-to-batch, year-to-year consistency
  • Neutral pH
  • Low metal content and controlled water content

With pore diameters ranging from 30 to 1,000 Ångström (Å) and particle sizes up to 1,000 microns (μm), SiliCycle offers products to meet all your requirements. We offer one of the most reliable portfolios for flash and gravity grades for low to medium-high pressure. Our silica gels are ideal for preparative chromatography, from laboratory to pilot-plant processes and production scale.
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