HMB-45 IHC Positive Control Slides, Newcomer Supply

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HMB-45 IHC Positive Control Slides, Newcomer Supply
Slides Microscopy Control Slides
HMB-45 control slides contain sections of positive staining melanoma and negative staining lung.

  • Tissue type: (+) Melanoma / (-) Lung
  • All control tissue is sectioned on Superfrost® Plus slides
  • Staining validation technical memo included in each set
  • All tissues are formalin fixed, paraffin embedded FFPE
  • All slides are air dried
  • IHC slides are cut at 4 µm
  • Standard tissue placement is mid-high on slide

Newcomer supply HMB-45 (Human Melanoma Black-45) control slides are for the positive immunohistochemical staining of HMB-45, expressed in fetal and neonatal melanocytes, junctional and blue nevus cells, and malignant melanoma.

Staining Results:
HMB-45 positive expression will stain brown cytoplasmic staining.
Lung will stain negative.
Nuclei will stain blue.

These positive control slides are intended to be used to verify histological techniques and reagent reactivity. These slides are to be used for the qualitative purpose of determining positive or negative results, and are not intended to be used for any quantitative purpose.

Ordering information: All controls are cut in serial sections.
10 set = 10 unstained slides and 1 stained slide.
98 set = 98 unstained slides and 2 stained slides. (First & Last Slides are Stained)
Reactivity of IHC control slides are guaranteed for one year from the date of receipt and should be revalidated after one year to verify continued reactivity.
Please note the following: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for large sets. In human tissue unless otherwise indicated.
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