Formalex® GREEN Liquid Formalin Neutralizer for Sewer Disposal, Newcomer Supply

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Formalex® GREEN Liquid Formalin Neutralizer for Sewer Disposal, Newcomer Supply
Spill Control Materials
Quickly and safely neutralize formalin waste for sewer disposal.

  • No sludgy residue
  • Contains no phosphates
  • No pH adjustment required
  • Non-vapor forming
  • Used in labs for over 27 years

Eco-friendly Formalex® “GREEN” Formalin Neutralizer effectively and easily neutralizes formalin waste for sewer disposal

1 gallon cube will neutralize 4 gallons of formalin waste
2.5 gallon cube will neutralize 10 gallons of formalin waste
5 gallon cube will neutralize 20 gallons of formalin waste

Simply add 32 ounces of Formalex® “GREEN” to each gallon of 10% neutral buffered formalin waste and allow to stand for at least 4 hours. After treatment the formalin waste is reduced to a non-hazardous solution that is safe for sanitary sewer disposal.

Ordering information: Spigot included with each cube. Best used by 2 years of the production date.

Delivery information: Ships ground only.

Caution: Always wear chemical resistant gloves and eye protection when handling chemicals
Follow all institutional and personnel safety guidelines when handling formalin solutions
Read Formalex® Green Material Safety Data Sheet prior to use
Formalex® GREEN should never be used to treat 37% formaldehyde for sewer disposal
Do not mix with chlorine type bleaches
Follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding formalin solutions
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