VWR® 96-Well Deep Well Microplates, Extractable-Free

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® 96-Well Deep Well Microplates, Extractable-Free
Microplates Deep Well Microplates
A range of high-quality, dependable deep-well blocks for storage and collection, LC-MS, SPE, and mixing.

  • Guaranteed extractable-free
  • Gamma irradiated
  • Ready-to-use
  • For assured assays
  • DNase-free and RNase-free

These microplates are made of extractable-free polypropylene that will not leach unwanted compounds from the polymer.

Plates can be sealed with friction or heat seals to prevent evaporation, condensation, and contamination. These plates are ideal for sample storage and transport. Blocks are rigid and robust, and they can be easily stacked, handled, manipulated, heat sealed, deep frozen, autoclaved, and put in a genogrinder.

This protects assays from false results due to contamination. No sterilization is required. These plates save time and reduce costs by eliminating the cleaning process and sterility validation. These plates conform to internationally recognized standards and fit all standard laboratory equipment without adjustment.

Certifications: Made in Class 10000 cleanroom. Standard ANSI/SLAS footprint and dimensions.

Packaging: Sterile Microplates are gamma irradiated and packaged in bags of 5.
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