Auxilary Reagents for Karl Fischer Titration, HYDRANAL™, Honeywell Research Chemicals

Supplier: Honeywell Research Chemicals
37858-1EA 34803-6X100G 34788-6X1KG 34804-500ML-US 34802-1L 32035-500G 37859-6X1L 37866-6X1L 34804-6X500ML-US 37864-500G 34788-500G 37865-500G 34802-500ML
BJ37858-1EAEA 238.25 USD
BJ37858-1EA BJ34803-100G BJ37859-1L BJ348046500MLS BJ37865-500G BJ34788-1KG BJ-34788-500G BJ32035-500G BJ-34802-1L BJ37866-1L BJ34802-500ML BJ-37864-500G BJ34804500MLUS
Auxilary Reagents for Karl Fischer Titration, HYDRANAL™, Honeywell Research Chemicals
Karl Fischer Titrants and Reagents
Karl Fischer titration is applied to multifarious substances. The nuances in sample properties influence the Karl Fischer titration differently. There are a number of ways to adjust the working conditions.

Solubilizers: In special cases the addition of solubilizer is required in order to enable a direct titration of the sample and avoid complicated and error-prone pre-dissolution and pre-extraction steps.

Buffers: The Karl Fischer reaction is pH dependant, with pH 5-7.5 being the ideal range. Strongly acidic samples slow the reaction and must be neutralized without inducing an alkaline reaction of the working medium prior to starting the titration. Strong bases can increase the pH of the working solution if the basicity exceeds the buffering capacity of the reagent. A titration end point will not be reached. Strong bases also must be neutralized prior to starting the titration.

Drying agents: Special drying agents are suitable to hold the near environment of the Karl Fischer equipment on a low water level or to dry
carrier gases in case of oven technique

HYDRANAL-Moisture Test Kit is for rough measurements without a titrator, special test kits for visual water determination according to Karl Fischer can be used.
The set contains syringes, titration vessel and reagents: 2 x 500 mL Hydranal-Solvent E (34730), 100 mL Hydranal-Titrant 5 E (34732) and 100 mL Hydranal-Standard 5.0 (34813). Refills can be ordered separately.
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