SpectraDye Antibody Labeling Kits, Advansta

Supplier: Advansta
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SpectraDye Antibody Labeling Kits, Advansta
Protein Linking and Labeling Systems
Make your own fluorescent antibody in one easy step.

  • Quick and easy labeling in 30 minutes
  • Labeled antibodies are compatible with IF microscopy, flow cytometry, Western blotting
  • Choose from 6 common fluorescent dyes
  • Once your primary antibody is labeled, no secondary is needed
  • Labeling reaction requires as little as 10 micrograms antibody

SpectraDye Antibody Labeling Kits include sufficient reagents to label up to 1 mg of antibody

The SpectraDye antibody labeling kit allows for directly labeling primary antibodies, which means lower background in immunofluorescence-based experiments, reproducible single-color fluorescent applications, and flexibility for multicolor fluorescent applications.

SpectraDye dye kits contain Antibody Labeling Buffer, SpectraDye Dye Solution, Quenching Solution, and Neutralization Buffer. The user-supplied dye kit does not contain dye, but does contain high-quality DMSO to prepare your own dye solution.

Ordering information: Kit includes labeling buffer, SpectraDye dye solution (except user's dye kit), quenching solution, and neutralization buffer.
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