Fluorescent Western Blot for Standardization, Advansta

Supplier: Advansta
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Fluorescent Western Blot for Standardization, Advansta
Blotting Kits
Three-color fluorescent blot ready to image with red/green/blue channels.

  • Fluorescently labeled primary and secondary antibodies on the provided membrane are detectable in red, green, and blue fluorescent channels (equivalent to Cy2/3/5)
  • Convenient for evaluating imager performance
  • Reliable and quality controlled with lot-specific statistics provided

This pre-processed Western blot was developed as a tool to verify the performance of fluorescence imaging systems, including laser scanners and CCD-based instruments

Gel processing: Proteins were separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by transfer to a low-fluorescent PVDF membrane. Two proteins, tubulin and transferrin were detected by primary antibodies made in rat and rabbit hosts, followed by secondary antibodies labeled with different fluorescent dyes. Next, GAPDH was detected by a goat primary antibody directly labeled with SpectraDye Antibody Labeling Kit-Dye 490. The included background quenching sheet with low auto-fluorescence should be used for blot imaging to greatly reduce general background, especially in the blue channel

Antibodies used on the blot fluoresce in the red, green, and blue fluorescent channels.
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