Orion™ ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
951210 941709 930711 940999 931911 940911 951011 950210 951211 932011 941609 977011 977010 930710 940909 956410 940011 841111
97049-304EA 195.34 USD
97049-304 34110-429 34185-552 34111-706 34185-600 34111-727 34185-155 34109-849 34185-177 34185-304 34114-124 34110-611 34110-633 34112-661 34111-705 34112-912 34185-869 34113-733
Orion™ ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents, Thermo Scientific
Electrolytes Electrode Storage Solutions
Take more accurate and reproducible ISE measurements with Orion™ ISE Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA) and Special Reagents.

  • Uniform background ionic strength
  • Accurate results
  • Free from metal interferences

Ionic strength adjuster is added to all samples and standards to create a uniform background ionic strength, which provides more reproducible measurements. For example, the ammonia pH-adjusting ISA (951211) and low-level ammonia pH-adjusting ISA (951210) both include a pH-indicating blue dye for instant verification of correct pH in ammonia samples and standards, with no pH measurement required. The ammonia pH-adjusting ISA (951211) prevents complextion of ammonia and inhibits formation of metal hydroxides, allowing determination of total ammonia in the sample and increasing the accuracy of results. The low-level ammonia pH-adjusting ISA (951210) is ideal for ammonia samples with a concentration of 10 ppm and below that do not contain metal interferences.

Ionic strength adjustors are used for analysis with ion selective electrodes, and special reagents are used with some ion selective electrodes.
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