Heating Tape, Tubes and Pipes, Glas-Col®

Supplier: Glas-Col
103ADETO.54 103ADETO.58 103ADET120 103ADETO.510 103ADETO.56
33730-268EA 766.55 USD
33730-268 33729-021 33729-065 33729-087 33729-043
Heating Tape, Tubes and Pipes, Glas-Col®
Heat tape wrap for glass tubes and metal pipes in lengths 4 to 20 foot.

  • Ideal for use in high moisture areas
  • Resisitant to most laboratory environmental conditions
  • Passes 1,000V electrical insulation test

Our heating tapes are designed to heat odd lengths of glass tubes and metal pipes. With ribbon type heating elements running lengthwise in the tape and encased in durable glass braid coated in silicone rubber they are ideal for use in high moisture areas. Tapes are sealed at both ends with waterproof fittings. Temperature limit of 480 degrees F.

Delivery information: 7-10 days after order.
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