Roc C8 HPLC Columns (USP L7), Restek

Supplier: Restek
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Roc C8 HPLC Columns (USP L7), Restek
Chromatography Columns
Our C8 is a conventional monomeric octylsilane column offering a shorter alkyl chain to provide less hydrophobic retention and improved basic peak shape over a traditional C18 phase.

  • USP phase code: L7
  • Ligand type: monomeric C8
  • Surface area: 300 m²/g
  • Carbon load: 12%
  • End-cap: yes
  • pH range: 2.5 to 8.0
  • Maximum temperature: 80 °C

Roc HPLC columns are built to be the cornerstone for your LC lab. These solid, reliable columns are pressure rated for any 400 bar HPLC system and deliver the peak shape, reproducibility, ruggedness, and performance you demand for all of your conventional HPLC applications. An exceptional value, Roc columns are priced for bulk use in routine analyses and large-volume workflows.

Like our C18, this general-purpose Restek C8 is suitable for a wide range of compounds from acidic through slightly basic.
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