SRK Swab Rinse Kit, COPAN Diagnostics

Supplier: COPAN Diagnostics
R4140 R4360 R4160 R4130 902C R4330
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SRK Swab Rinse Kit, COPAN Diagnostics
Swabs Swabs for Sampling
Surface sampling is simplified with COPAN's Swab Rinse Kit.

  • Easy to use: plastic tubes with capture caps
  • Wide selection of products for a diverse range of industries and applications
  • Convenient system for sanitation verification
  • Pre-moistened swabs improve sample uptake
  • Saline solution neutralizes surfaces
  • Establishes an efficient and effective hygiene monitoring system

COPAN has simplified the environmental sampling process with the efficient and effective Swab Rinse Kit. These products are available in a variety of configurations, lengths, fill volumes, and solutions in order to fit specific industry needs. COPAN's pre-moistened swabs improve the uptake of samples and are a convenient alternative to the process of dipping swabs into a bag of solution prior to each sample collection. Tackle heavily contaminated sites, difficult to reach areas, and irregular surfaces with COPAN’s line of SRK products.

COPAN’s comprehensive line of SRK products are a convenient system for microbiological examination of surfaces for the pharmaceutical, hospital, and food and beverage industries.

Certifications: Food: ISO 18593. Pharma: ISO 14698.

Packaging: Packaged 50 tubes per box; 6 x 50 tubes per case.
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