Brucella Pea And KVL OxyPRAS Plus Multi-Pack, Oxyrase, Inc.

Supplier: Oxyrase
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Brucella Pea And KVL OxyPRAS Plus Multi-Pack, Oxyrase, Inc.
Microplates Cell Culture Plates
Individually packaged BRU, PEA and KVL plates; banded together. OxyPRAS® Plates are specifically made to improve recovery of anaerobes.

  • Specifically made for anaerobes to improve recovery of injured cells
  • Arrive reduced and ready to use
  • Stays reduced in air for hours
  • Saves tech time and helps eliminate errors
  • Specially packaged in oxygen barrier bags
  • Store refrigerated for a extended shelf life or at room temperature
  • Meets Best Practice criteria for working with clinical anaerobes

Due to the Oxyrase® Enzyme System, OxyPRAS Plus® Plates (Pre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized) are technologically advanced compared to other plates.

Oxyrase® utilized during the manufacture of the plate prevents oxidation during its preparation. Oxyrase® is again added to the final plate. Oxyrase® keeps the plate reduced and confers unique properties to the OxyPRAS Plus® plate not found in standard or conventional PRAS plates. PRAS plates are considered the gold standard to isolate all anaerobes from clinical specimens.

OxyPRAS Plus® Multi-Packs are individually wrapped plates; banded together. OxyPRAS Plus® Multi-Packs save time, help eliminate errors, add value and flexibility by being banded together. Each plate has its own lot number. Six month shelf-life when refrigerated and three month expiration date at room temperature.
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