VWR® Advanced Melting Point Apparatus

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VWR® Advanced Melting Point Apparatus
Melting Point Apparatus
The VWR® Advanced Melting Point Apparatus is used in determining the purity of a sample and is optimized to quickly and efficiently heat up to 3 samples at one time.

  • LCD screen displays temperature, date, and time
  • Audible alarm when set temperature is reached
  • Large, clear viewing window with 8x magnification and white LED to illuminate samples
  • On-board memory records up to 1000 tests (4 temperatures per test)
  • Extendable arm allows user to adjust height and angle of viewing window
  • Five-year warranty
  • Available with a NIST Traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate from Troemner

Microprocessor controlled units maintain precise temperature control from ambient +5°C to 400°C

Audible alarm will sound when the set temperature is reached. Safety features include an indefinite heating time out. If ramping phase is not initiated within 30 minutes of reaching the set temperature, the unit returns to standby mode and the heater turns off to prevent indefinite heating. To prevent overheating, there is a maximum temperature timeout. After 30 minutes at the maximum temperature, the unit reverts back to the set temperature to prevent overheating.

Internal memory allows the user to record up to 1000 tests (4 temperatures per test) and can be transferred to a USB.

Optional calibration key allows user to calibrate unit to an external temperature device or a standard with a known melting point.

Adjustments are made in 0.1°C increments. Easy-to-use touch pad controls with numeric keypad and LCD display for temperature, date, and time allow operator to view settings efficiently while monitoring samples through the viewing window. Provides repeatable and accurate results every time and is easily visible across lab benches. LED lamp illuminates the oven while the oven window provides 8x magnification of samples. Extendable arm allows the user to adjust height and angle of viewing window. Advanced electronics allow user to program the temperature ramp rate from 0.1°C to 10°C/minute.

Certifications: TUV Listed RoHS Compliant.

Accessories information: Capillary tubes with one end open for efficient sample colelction. Tubes are 90mm long with an OD of 2mm and an ID of 1mm. Case of 2000, 90mm capillary tubes, open on one end

Cooling blocks are designed to rapidly cool the oven back to room temperature. The copper material absorbs the heat and draws it out of the oven to provide efficient transition between tests involving various different melting points.

The calibration USB allows the user to calibrate the VWR Advanced Melting Point Apparatus to an external temperature device. The unit will use a biased offset for one of five specific temperature settings or Reference Samples. Reference samples are pure substrates with known melting point values.

Ordering information: All units include a 234cm (92") detachable, three-wire cord and plug. Calibrated Shakers include a Troemner ISO/IEC Accredited Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST. The ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate includes multiple data points within the temperature and time function with the associated uncertainties. Troemner is accredited by NVLAP under Laboratory Code 105013-0 to perform ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations. All units include a starter pack of 100 capillary tubes. Tubes are closed on one end.
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