Tuf Sponge Anti-Fatigue Mat, Wearwell®

Supplier: WEARWELL
451.38X6X60BK 451.38X3X12GY 451.38X4X60BK 451.38X2X3GY 451.38X3X60GY 451.38X2X60BYL 451.38X3X12BYL 451.38X2X3BK 451.38X3X60BYL 451.38X3X12BK 451.38X3X60BK 451.38X3X5BYL 451.38X4X60BYL 451.38X2X3BYL 451.38X3X5BK 451.38X3X5GY 451.38X4X60GY 451.38X2X60BK
89020-710RL 1000.66 USD
89020-710 89020-732 89020-700 89020-722 89020-730 89020-720 89020-698 89020-714 89020-726 89020-704 89020-734 89020-712 89020-724 89020-718 89020-708 89020-716 89020-728 89020-706
Tuf Sponge Anti-Fatigue Mat, Wearwell®
Floor Mats Traction and Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
Tuf Sponge mats provide an economical PVC blown sponge barrier from hard floors.

  • Economic comfort for light industrial applications
  • Safety rounded edges
  • Can easily be cut to size on-site

Equipped with an attractive ribbed surface, this mat can be purchased in rolls and easily cut to length on-site for quick replacement when damaged. When the budget is tight, but leg and back fatigue must be battled, try Tuf Sponge. Ideally suited for use in dry environments.

Certifications: Meets ASTM F1677. Dry: COF = 0.94/Wet: COF = 0.72. Meets ASTM D575/0.205 @ 35 psi.
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