Whatman™ Benchkote Plus Surface Protectors

Supplier: Whatman products (Cytiva)
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Whatman™ Benchkote Plus Surface Protectors
Surface Protectors Bench Protectors
Benchkote Plus bench protector is a thicker, more absorbent version of the original Benchkote bench paper

  • Strength: Benchkote Plus bench liner is strong and tear resistant when wet or dry
  • Ease of use: Smooth white surface can be written on with ink or pencil and lies flat
  • Clean: Suitable for saturation with disinfectant to protect benches where pathogens and other bacteria are present
  • Disposable: Benchkote Plus bench paper can be incinerated after use
  • Safe Combustion: Polyethylene layer is rapidly consumed when incinerated and does not melt or drip

Use of the robust Benchkote Plus bench liner can help prevent many common sources of laboratory contamination, such as those involving hazardous materials on shared workspace benches. It can also help with disposal of hazardous materials.

Designed for demanding or hazardous applications, it can absorb more than 0.75 liters of water per square meter.
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