Whatman™ Grade 4V Qualitative Filter Papers, Whatman products (Cytiva)

Supplier: Whatman products (Cytiva)
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Whatman™ Grade 4V Qualitative Filter Papers, Whatman products (Cytiva)
Filters Filter Paper Qualitative Filter Paper
Whatman Grade 4V filter paper is well suited for qualitative analysis or general filtration of coarse particles. The fluted filter design increases filtration speed, flow rate, and loading capacity.

  • Very fast flow rate
  • Retention of coarse and gelatinous precipitates
  • Nominal particle retention rating of 20 to 25 µm
  • Fast filtration speed (Herzberg 37 seconds)
  • Fluted (pre-pleated) for compatibility with conical filter funnels without the need for further folding

Whatman Grade 4V prepleated (fluted) filter paper from Cytiva is frequently used to filter gelatinous precipitate or during general filtration that does not require the collection of fine particles. The filter sheets are also useful for rapid filtration of biological fluids or organic extracts prior to analysis.

Typical Trace Element Levels: Aluminium 3.6 µg/g Antimony <0.5 µg/g Arsenic <0.5 µg/g Barium <0.5 µg/g Boron <1 µg/g Calcium 27.5 µg/g Chromium 1 µg/g Copper 0.9 µg/g Iron 13.7 µg/g Lead <0.5 µg/g Magnesium 21 µg/g Manganese <0.5 µg/g Mercury <0.5 µg/g Potassium 6.2 µg/g Silicon 8.8 µg/g Sodium 32.3 µg/g Zinc 58.3 µg/g

Water flow rate: 247 ml per minute
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