Orion™ Star™ A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Orion™ Star™ A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter, Thermo Scientific
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
Reliably measure pH, ion concentration, mV, ORP, and temperature with the Orion™ Star™ A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter for advanced laboratory analysis and interfacing.

  • Calibration editing option allows individual points to be fixed without a full recalibration
  • Advanced ISE features include non-linear selectable auto-blank and low range stability
  • Informative, easy-to-read backlit graphic display with clear onscreen instructions simplifies operation
  • Capture critical readings with measurement stability indicator and selectable read modes
  • Auto-Read mode holds a stable reading, Continuous mode shows changing readings with hold option, and Timed mode logs data at specific intervals
  • Calibration log stores ten most recent calibrations
  • Three-year meter warranty

Record accurate and reliable pH, ion concentration, mV, ORP, and temperature measurements with the Orion™ Star™ A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter, ideal for a wide range of applications and advanced pH or ion analysis in the laboratory.

These easy to use, dependable laboratory meters offer advanced features and functions. Selectable read modes and stability indicator provide flexibility and control over testing. All critical data is shown with measurements, including temperature, date and time, read type, measurement stability, active calibration information, and electrode condition icon. Onscreen calibration and setup instructions can be displayed in several local languages with new languages added through software updates. Navigation is fast and simple due to the comprehensive keypad with menu-specific function keys, dual purpose scroll/shortcut keys, plus power, measure, log view, and stirrer keys that ensure easy operation.

All setup menus are in one location with direct access using a single shortcut key to quickly access, evaluate, and change measurement and instrument settings. Perform up to a five point pH calibration using automatic buffer recognition of NIST or DIN buffer groups with choice to manually enter custom buffer values. Perform up to a five point ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) calibration with selectable units of ppm, M, mg/L, %, ppb, or none. Select from a wide variety of Orion ion selective electrodes, including electrodes that measure ammonia, ammonium, bromide, cadmium, calcium, carbon dioxide, chloride, chlorine, cupric, cyanide, fluoride, fluoroborate, iodide, lead, nitrate, potassium, silver, sodium, sulfate, surfactant, and thiocyanate concentrations. Eliminate the need for magnetic stir bars using the meter-controlled stirrer probe to uniformly mix solutions. Flexible power options with universal power adapter or optional AA batteries. IP54-rated housing resists dust and splashes, and can be wall-mounted. Non-volatile meter memory ensures data and settings are protected, even with loss of power.

Perform up to 5 point pH and ISE calibrations, log up to 2000 data point sets with time/date stamp, and easily transfer calibration and data logs via USB or RS232 to a printer or computer with free downloadable Orion™ Star Com software. Use the included electrode stand to easily place sensors in samples and simplify storage to minimize breakage.

Certifications: CE, TUV 3-1, FCC Class A.

Ordering information: For compatible pH electrode, see Orion™ item 8102BNUWP. For compatible ISE electrodes, see Orion™ items 9512HPBNWP, 9609BNWP, and 8611BNWP. For compatible buffer solutions, see Orion™ items 810199, 951007, 40906, 951210, 40907, 951213, 40908, and 940909.
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