Lamps for HPLC, Agilent Technologies

G1314-60101 G1314-60100 2140-0590 G1103-60001 110715400 G1971-60025 G1314-60100 2140-0813 2140-0813 5182-1530 2140-0820 110715400 2140-0590 5190-0917 5182-1530 G1103-60001 G1971-60025
AGG1103-60001EA 231 USD
AGG1103-60001 101478-562 AGG1971-60025 CAAGG197160025 AG5182-1530 CA76515-174 CA2140-0813 AG2140-0590 AGG1314-60100 AG110715400 CA76514-584 AG2140-0813 CA76508-244 76537-440 CAAG110715400 76537-442 CA5182-1530
Lamps for HPLC, Agilent Technologies
Lights Deuterium Lamps
A wide selection of certified, long-life lamps for Agilent HPLC systems.

  • Contain RFID technology for more convenience and ease of use
  • Tested for noise and drift specifications, correct operating voltage, light intensity, and proper alignment
  • Improved coating process increases lamp lifetimes
  • Agilent deuterium lamps are designed with a much narrower aperture, providing increased light intensity and decreased noise for an appreciably higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Higher sensitivity extends detection capabilities and improves qualification at trace levels, for more than 2,000 hours of use
  • Improved performance with easy installation and lamp tests

The new InfinityLab lamps contain RFID technology for more convenience and ease of use. Agilent lamps are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment and are fully traceable throughout every step of the production process. Each lamp is tested to ensure it meets Agilent performance specifications.
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