Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH Benchtop Meter, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH Benchtop Meter, Thermo Scientific
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
Get premium performance and ultimate flexibility with the Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH Benchtop Meter for pH, mV, ORP, and temperature on customizable color display.

  • Onscreen measurement stability indicator lets users know exactly when measurements are ready
  • Auto-Read mode holds a stable reading, Continuous mode shows changing readings, Timed mode logs data at specific intervals, and Single-Shot mode holds a reading after a preset time is reached
  • Audible alarms automatically notify users when a set offset value, high/low limit value, and calibration time interval are reached
  • Easily access, update and switch preferred measurement settings, using ten password-protected methods per channel
  • Uniformly mix solutions using up to two meter-controlled stirrer probes that are easy to position and can be quickly rinsed between samples
  • Data log collects and date/time stamps up to 2000 measurement sets with optional electrode ID, sample ID, and account ID
  • Three-year meter and module warranty

Get high accuracy, premium performance and ultimate flexibility with the Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ Benchtop Meter with pH Module.

Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ benchtop meters are designed to meet the most challenging applications with ease. Delivering rich functionality and features, users can optimally configure the meter system to meet changing requirements. These meters offer interchangeable measurement modules that allow multiple users to customize four separate channels to meet their specific requirements. Easily view measurements thanks to a color display with adjustable text sizes. Take the guesswork out of meter calibration and setup with onscreen instructions available in a variety of local languages. Enjoy quick and simple data entry using the numeric keypad. Calibration log stores ten most recent calibrations per parameter with viewable graph for multipoint pH and ISE calibrations. Ensure measurement integrity by viewing the active calibration log while taking readings. Meter facilitates data transfers to a computer via USB or RS232 connections. Perform up to a six point pH calibration using automatic buffer recognition of NIST, DIN or user-defined buffer groups with choice to manually enter custom buffer values. Calibration editing option allows individual points to be fixed without a full recalibration. Customize measurements to show calibration history and pH electrode condition or simplify to show an extra large pH reading. Non-volatile meter memory preserves data and settings, even in the event of power loss. IP54-rated housing resists dust and splashes, and can be wall-mounted if table space is limited.

Meet the most challenging applications for pH, mV, ORP, and temperature. Easily view measurements on the stunning color display and customize the four meter channels with interchangeable modules. Perform up to a six point pH calibration, log up to 2000 data point sets with time/date stamp, and easily transfer calibration and data logs via USB or RS232 to a printer or computer. Use the included electrode stand to easily place sensors in samples.

Certifications: CE, TUV 3-1, FCC Class A.

Ordering information: For compatible pH electrode, see Orion™ item 8302BNUMD. For compatible buffer solutions, see Orion™ item 810199.
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