VWR® Advanced Dry Block Heaters, 230V (Export Only)

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® Advanced Dry Block Heaters, 230V (Export Only)
Block Heaters Digital Block Heaters
Designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability.

Multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a variety of other laboratory procedures

New design with smaller footprint
Exceptional temperature uniformity and stability
Heated lid model reduces condensation in sample lids
LED display for temperature and time
Heats to 120 °C (245 °F)
Holds interchangeable, modular heating blocks
5 year warranty on parts and labor
Available with a NIST Traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration certificate from Troemner
Optional temperature probe kit Each model accepts separate interchangeable modular blocks, which accommodate various sample enclosures such as vials, microplates, PCR strips, and a wide variety of tubes. Each block contains a thermometer well, and features close tube-and-block contact for maximum heat retention.

Easy-to-use front-mounted controls with independent LED displays show actual and set point temperatures. Microprocessor PID temperature control offers a stability of 0.1 °C, while independent controls allow users to adjust temperature settings in ±0.1 °C increments. A timer will display elapsed time or when programmed to user-defined limit, will count down to zero and shut off unit. Audible alarm will sound when time reaches zero. Temperature calibration mode allows unit to be calibrated to an external temperature device.

Optional external temperature probe monitors actual block or sample temperature and display that temperature on the control panel. The PT100 RTD probe is designed to fit perfectly into the thermometer well of each modular block. Kit 11301-112 includes a stainless steel RTD probe, 45.7 cm (18) stainless steel support rod, thermometer/temperature probe extension clamp, and hook connector.

Integral support rod holder with locking knob accepts optional external temperature probe kit.

Certifications: RoHS certified. TUV listed. Calibrated block heaters include a Troemner ISO/IEC accredited calibration certificate traceable to NIST. The ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration certificate includes multiple data points within the temperature and time function with the associated uncertainties. Troemner is accredited by NVLAP under laboratory code 105013-0 to perform ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations.

Accessories information: Heaters require a VWR modular heating block for operation (sold separately). Over 40 modular heating block options are available.

Ordering information: Unit must be ordered with heating block(s). All units include a 234cm (92") detachable, Euro style plug. All units with a NIST certificate include a PT100 RTD temperature probe.

Caution: To avoid possible electrical hazard, do not fill well or block opening with water or other fluids. Unit is designed as a dry bath/incubator.
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