SeaKem® Agarose, Lonza

Supplier: Lonza
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SeaKem® Agarose, Lonza
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
SeaKem® is a high gel strength, low EEO, standard gelling temperature agarose perfect for electrophoresis and other molecular biology applications.

  • All Lonza agarose is quality tested to certify performance
  • High gel strength
  • Low EEO
  • Standard melting temperature

Agarose is a key ingredient in your research

Lonza’s SeaKem® LE was the first and is still the world’s most trusted agarose for nucleic acid electrophoresis. Ideal for routine analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting, each SeaKem LE gel sharply resolves DNA and provides consistent resolution from lot-to-lot. This molecular biology grade agarose has no detectable DNase or RNase activity and forms strong gels with low background upon ethidium bromide, SYBR® Green, or GelStar™ Staining. Due to its low EEO, DNA will have a high electrophoretic mobility. SeaKem® LE is also recommended for protein gel electrophoresis in applications such as Ouchterlony and radial immunodiffusion (RID).

Lonza’s SeaKem® Gold Agarose is a very high gel strength, low EEO, standard gelling temperature agarose. This Genetic Technology Grade™ Agarose is for rapid resolution of megabase DNA by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Due to its low EEO, the electrophoretic mobility of DNA in SeaKem® Gold Agarose gels is significantly greater than in conventional agarose gels. Run times for PFGE can be decreased by as much as 50% depending upon buffer and agarose concentration. Due to its high gel strength, SeaKem® Gold Agarose forms easy-to-handle gels at low concentrations (as low as 0.5%), which allow for the separation of larger DNA fragments by conventional electrophoresis as well as a decrease in the time needed to separate DNA by PFGE.

Lonza’s SeaKem® GTG™ Agarose is a standard gelling temperature, high gel strength agarose that resolves DNA fragments greater than 1,000 bp. This Genetic Technology Grade™ (GTG) agarose is specifically designed for preparative DNA electrophoresis and is tested for the presence of proteases, ligases and nucleases. DNA recovered from SeaKem® GTG™ Agarose gels may be reliably digested and ligated. SeaKem® GTG™ Agarose is extensively performance tested to ensure complete compatibility with routine molecular biology techniques. A Certificate of Performance containing end-use test information is supplied with each shipment.
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