Adhesive Vinyl GHS OSHA Labels 'Sodium Bisulfate', HCL Labels

Supplier: HCL Labels
GH10613VN00475 GH10613VN00355 GH20613VN0035 GH10613VN0047 GH20613VN0047 GH30613VN00355 GH40613VN00235 GH40613VN0023 GH20613VN00355 GH40613VN0035 GH20613VN00475 GH30613VN0035 GH30613VN00475 GH40613VN0047 GH20613VN00235 GH10613VN00235 GH40613VN00475 GH30613VN0023 GH10613VN0035 GH30613VN0047 GH30613VN00235 GH40613VN00355 GH20613VN0023 GH10613VN0023
103023-330PK 47.22 USD
103023-330 103023-332 103039-048 103023-334 103031-220 103031-230 103023-336 103031-222 103023-338 103039-140 103039-052 103039-050 103039-054 103039-142 103046-664 103046-666 103046-660 103046-662 103031-224 103031-226 103031-228 103046-656 103046-658 103023-340
Adhesive Vinyl GHS OSHA Labels 'Sodium Bisulfate', HCL Labels
These ready-made adhesive vinyl labels comply with the updated OSHA HazCom 'secondary container' labelling requirements.

These labels are compliant with OSHA's adoption of the UN Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). All sizes are protected with a chemical resistant lamination and a shelf/outdoor life of two years.

Certifications: RoHS compliant
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