SP Wilmad-LabGlass Adsorption Columns, SP Industries

Supplier: SP Industries
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SP Wilmad-LabGlass Adsorption Columns, SP Industries
Distillation Components Distillation Columns
These borosilicate glass indicator adsorption columns are used to determine saturates, nonaromatic olefins, and aromatics in petroleum fractions that distill below 315˚C, as specified in ASTM Method D-1319

The standard flourescent indicator column is drawn to a fine point for retaining silica gel. The precision engineered flourescent indicator column has a removable capillary tip joined to the analyzer section by a 12/2 spherical joint. Columns have a 28/12 socket joint at the top.

Certifications: Reference No. ASTM D 1319 Standard Method for Hydrocarbon Types in Liquid Petroleum Products by Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption.
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