BD BBL™ CHROMagar™ Orientations, BD Diagnostics

Supplier: BD
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90006-346PK 342.77 USD
90006-346 90008-924
BD BBL™ CHROMagar™ Orientations, BD Diagnostics
Media for Microbiology Prepared Media for Microbiology
BBL™ CHROMagar™ Orientation is a nonselective medium for the isolation, differentiation, and enumeration of urinary tract pathogens.

  • Peptones provide a source of essential nutrients
  • Chromogens release colored compounds upon degradation
  • Proteus swarming is partially to completely inhibited

The chromogen mix consists of artificial substrates (chromogens), which release differently colored compounds upon degradation by specific microbial enzymes, thus assuring the differentiation of certain species or the detection of certain groups of organisms, with only a minimum of confirmatory tests.
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