SUMO-QAPTURE-T® Kit, Enzo Life Sciences

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
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SUMO-QAPTURE-T® Kit, Enzo Life Sciences
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The only commercially available kit for isolation and enrichment of SUMOylated proteins.

  • Fast, simple, and reliable assay
  • High specificity, high through-put capacity
  • Amenable to analysis via Western blotting or proteomic methods

For the isolation and enrichment of SUMOylated proteins.

Suggested Applications include: Capture and isolation of SUMO-protein conjugates from specific cell/tissue lysates of interest with subsequent detection and analysis by Western blotting. Identification of SUMO-modified protein substrates by proteomic analysis methods following release of free SUMOylated proteins in denatured form. Selective purification/pull down of SUMOylated proteins from in vitro SUMOylation assays.

The SUMO-QAPTURE-T® kit is an efficient tool for the selective isolation of SUMOylated proteins. The kit facilitates the affinity purification of SUMOylated proteins from cell extracts and tissue lysates using a high-binding SIM-containing affinity matrix. Captured proteins are eluted under denaturing conditions followed by analysis by Western blotting, using the SUMO antibodies provided or antibodies to specific proteins of interest, or potential substrate identification by proteomic methods. SUMO-conjugate-containing samples are prepared in native form in the presence of protease inhibitors to prevent loss through the action of deSUMOylating enzymes. Optimization of binding permits complete isolation of the full range of SUMO-protein conjugates from a specific lysate.

Ordering information: Contains SUMO-QAPTURE-T® matrix, Recombinant SUMO-1, 2 and 3 protein controls, SUMO antibody solutions.
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