App ΔC31 ELISA Kit, Enzo Life Sciences

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App ΔC31 ELISA Kit, Enzo Life Sciences
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These sensitive ELISA kits are used to quantify APP ΔC31, an important amyloid precursor protein fragment with a unique pro-apoptotic mechanism leading to Alzheimer's disease.

  • Sensitive: Measure as little as 0.92 pM of APP ΔC31
  • Quantitative: Fully quantitative results surpass semi-quantitative Western blot analysis
  • Higher Throughput: Results from up to 38 samples in duplicate in just two hours
  • Specific: Low cross-reactivity to similar APP isoforms
  • AMP'D® Certified: Obtain more reliable analysis of samples with low APP ΔC31 concentrations with a 10-fold increase in sensitivity (from 0.92 pM to 0.094 pM)

For the quantitative determination of human APP ΔC31 in cell lysate, cerebral spinal fluid, plasma and serum samples

The APP ΔC31 ELISA kit is a complete, colorimetric, immunometric immunoassay kit for the quantitative determination of human APP ΔC31 in cell lysate and cerebral spinal fluid samples with results in just 2 hours. The kit provides a simple and easy-to-use way for the specific measurement of the neo-APP fragment from the APP ΔC31 cleavage event which when combined with measurements of other Alzheimer's disease associated proteins (Aβ40/42, sAPPα and tau/p-tau) could prove a useful biomarker for the diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer's disease progression.

Sequence alignments indicate multiple species are probable.

Ordering information: Contains Microtiter Plate, Assay Buffer, Standard, Detector Antibody, Antibody-HRP-conjugate, TMB Substrate, Stop Solution, Wash Buffer Concentrate. AMP'D® Certified
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