Epimark N6-Methyladenosine Enrichment Kit, New England Biolabs

Supplier: New England Biolabs
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Epimark N6-Methyladenosine Enrichment Kit, New England Biolabs
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The EpiMark N6-Methyladenosine Enrichment Kit contains a rabbit monoclonal antibody specific for N6-Methyladenosine (m6A).

  • Complete protocol for enrichment of m6A-modified -RNA and analysis by RT- qPCR included
  • RNA controls (m6A modified and unmodified RNA) enable monitoring of enrichment and depletion
  • Antibody supplied in a ready-to-use solution form

The kit also contains two control RNAs, one with m6A modification (Gaussia luciferase) and one without (Cypridina luciferase) to monitor enrichment and depletion. The GLuc RNA control was transcribed in the presence of 20% m6ATP and 80% ATP.
This kit can be used to enrich m6A modified RNA in immunoprecipitation protocols for downstream analysis by next-generation RNA sequencing or RT-qPCR. Modified RNA is isolated from a fragmented RNA sample by binding to the N6-Methyladenosine antibody attached to Protein G Magnetic Beads. After multiple wash and clean-up steps, the enriched RNA is eluted in nuclease-free water and is ready for further analysis.
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