M-565 Melting Point, BUCHI

Supplier: Büchi

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M-565 Melting Point, BUCHI
Melting Point Apparatus
The Melting Point M-565 is for automatic determinations of both melting and boiling points and is designed for true, professional quality control.

  • Automatic determinations
  • Color display
  • Run three samples simultaneously
  • Sample loader included
  • Heat up time in 4 minutes to 350°C

The Melting Point M-565 includes a color display and a magnified window to observe the phase transition, and is equipped with a video camera and a replay function which allows reviewing the melting and boiling point determinations

Three different samples can be determined simultaneously for melting point. The boiling point is determined by the “Siwoloboff” method. The Melting Point M-560 can be used to determine the boiling point of a small amount of liquid. The heating block has one insert available for boiling point tubes (outside left). The boiling point is determined visually.

Included is the Sample Loader M-569 which allows for homogenous packing of capillaries providing repro­ducible results. Both the Pharmacopeia and the thermodynamic melting point methods, can be accurately determined by the BUCHI M-565. A determination according to Pharmacopeia measures the temperature at which the substance is completely melted. The thermodynamic method measures the temperature at which the sample starts to melt. The system is compliant with the Pharmacopeia methods, including (European, USP and Japanese).

The melting process is monitored using reflection mode. A camera captures the images and when no change occurs, the melting point is reached.

Certifications: CE and CSA compliant.

Ordering information: Standard package includes Melting Point M-565 Instrument, Sample Loader M-569, 100 Melting Capillaries, 10 Boiling Tubes, 10 Boiling Capillaries, Calibration Set M-560/565, Sample Holder, Packing Wire and Cleaning Tool. Kit consists of four BUCHI certified standards for calibration. The calibration is a full menu guided process built into the system. An IQ/OQ is available at the time of installation and repeating OQ’s going forward to maintain high quality control results and meet GMP/GLP compliance.
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