Isopropanol Dehydrogenase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric), BioVision

Supplier: BioVision
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Isopropanol Dehydrogenase Activity Assay Kit (Colorimetric), BioVision
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Simple and sensitive colorimetric assay for NADP dependant Isopropanol Dehydrogenase (ADH1-NADP) Activity in varied sample types.

  • Measurement of Isopropanol Dehydrogenase (ADH1-NADP) activity in various cells.
  • Measurement of NADP-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases’ activity with broad substrate specificity in various tissues/cells
  • Simple and sensitive colorimetric assay

NADP-dependent Isopropanol Dehydrogenase (ADH1-NADP, EC: belongs to the superfamily of alcohol dehydrogenases (Alcohol DHs, ADHs, EC with a preference for medium chain secondary alcohols, such as 2-butanol and isopropanol. Isopropanol dehydrogenase facilitates the conversion between secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones with the reduction of NADP+ to NADPH. BioVision’s Isopropanol Dehydrogenase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit provides a convenient tool for sensitive detection of the ADH1-NADP in a variety of samples. In this assay, Isopropanol gets converted to Acetone and NADPH in the presence of NADP+. This results in the development of colour in the presence of the developer. This colour is proportional to the ADH1-NADP levels in the sample and can be measured at λ = 450 nm. This assay detects ADH1-NADP activity as low as 0.001 mU in samples.
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