Thiol resin (SI), beads Avg 40-62 µm Loading: 1.0-1.2 mmol/g

Supplier: Supra Sciences

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Thiol resin (SI), beads Avg 40-62 µm Loading: 1.0-1.2 mmol/g
Thiol resin

Versatile scavenger of organometallic species.

Thiol Resin, MP, is a macroporous polystyrene resin functionalized with a thiophenol end group. Silica Thiol is a silica based alkyl thiol. Both of these reagents are exceptional scavengers of organometallic reagents with their affinity for Pd(II) being particularly noteworthy. MP/silica thiol is also extremely efficient in its ability to scavenge other transition metals such as Sn, Pb, Pt, Cu, Rh, Ru, Ag and Hg. With this wide variety of sequestration capabilities, it is usually the first line scavenger when low ppm residual concentrations are required. Silica thiol has also shown proficiency in scavenging a variety of electrophiles including alkyl halides, isocyanates and acid chlorides.

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Specification Test Results

Colour Off-white
Form Granule
Loading 1.0-1.2 mmol/g
Particle size 40-62 μm

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