Piperazine on resin (MP), beads, macroporous 100-200 mesh Loading: 1-1.2mmol/g

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Piperazine on resin (MP), beads, macroporous 100-200 mesh Loading: 1-1.2mmol/g

Versatile reagent for performing many organic reactions including Knovoenagel, Vilsmeyer and Mannich.

Piperazine Resin, MP, is a macroporous polystyrene resin functionalized with a piperazine end group. It is very efficient as a catalyst for Knoevenagel condensations and as the reagent is polymer bound, transesterification in alcoholic solvents and generation of piperazine derived byproducts is significantly minimized. Its utility extends to the preparation of triazines as well as solid supported β- enaminones and supported piperazine carboxaldeyhdes for use in Vilsmeier reactions. MP-Piperazine is also highly capable deprotecting Fmoc groups. Si-Piperazine is a piperazine tethered silica having similar applications as the MP-Piperazine including scavenging, catalytic and Fmoc deprotection applications.

Formula: C₄H₁₀N₂
MW: 86.14 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00005953
CAS Number: 110-85-0

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Specification Test Results

Colour Off-white
Form Granule
Loading 1.0-1.2 mmol/g
Particle size 100-200 mesh

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