NeuroPure™ E18 Primary Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells, Genlantis

Supplier: Genlantis
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NeuroPure™ E18 Primary Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells, Genlantis
NeuroPure™ E18 primary rat hippocampal cells are live neurons provided as micro-surgically dissected regions of day 18 embryonic sprague/dawley rat brain.

  • Freshly isolated healthy neurons
  • Ready to use with primary culture up and running within 1 hour
  • Pure neuronal cells - 99.9% glial cell free

Rat hippocampal cells are prepared fresh each week and shipped in a nutrient rich medium that keeps them alive for up to 6 days under refrigeration. Following simple dissociation steps, the NeuroPure cells can be quickly plated on almost any poly-lysine coated substrate using the provided NeuroPure plating medium. NeuroPure cells are ideal for a wide variety of applications including: transfection, pharmacology, electrophysiology, immunocytochemistry, and neuronal development studies.

Delivery information: Includes day 18 Embryonic Sprague/Dawley Rat Hippocampal Cells ~1 x 106 cells, NeuroPure™ Plating Medium 1 vial x 12 mL, NeuroPrep™ Medium 1 vial x 2.5 mL, NeuroPapain™ Enzyme 1 vial x 5 mg.
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