Ozilla™ Ozone Sterilizer, Genlantis

Supplier: Genlantis
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Ozilla™ Ozone Sterilizer, Genlantis
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The sturdy Ozilla™ Ozone Sterilizer is a unique and innovative laboratory sterilization system.

  • Safe and efficient
  • Programmable timed operation
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Powerful reduction or elimination of microscopic organisms

Ozilla™ Sterilizer contains a de-ozonation feature, which converts ozone gas back to oxygen at the end of each sterilization cycle. Eliminates harmful liquids, chemicals, UV rays, or damaging heat and keeps equipment, tools and work areas clean without chemical residue or damage. This device is small enough to put directly inside cell culture incubators, tissue culture hoods or any other sealed enclosures that need to be sterilized or kept sterile.

This portable bench top sterilizer uses high-levels of ozone gas to clean and sterilize laboratory work cabinets (hoods, incubators etc.). Patent pending.

Ordering information: For a list of different organisms that ozone gas has been proven to kill or additional information, contact your VWR representative.

Caution: It is required that the area or cabinet to be sterilized are properly sealed so ozone gas is able to build up for effective sterilization, and also to prevent ozone gas from leaking out into the environment before the scrubbing cycle has run its full course. The Ozilla sterilizer is designed for use in sealed cabinets or rooms, and is not to be used in open spaces where people and animals are present because ozone gas can be harmful to humans and animals when allowed to rise to high concentrations. Ozone gas has little effect on air-dried spores or spores in liquid medium.
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