SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent, Genlantis

Supplier: Genlantis
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SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent, Genlantis
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SoluLyse™ Protein Extraction Reagent is a proprietary formulation of nonionic detergents that is optimized for the most efficient extraction of soluble proteins from bacterial cells

  • No interference with affinity purification resins
  • Retain more protein activity
  • Low viscosity without enzyme or sonication
  • Simple one-step protocol

The SoluLyse™ reagent allows perforation of bacterial cell wall without denaturing proteins, and there is no need for secondary treatment such as sonication or freeze-thaw. Also be used for preparation of high purity inclusion bodies from total cell lysates. Compatible with protease inhibitors, salts, chelating agents and reducing agents.

Protein Extraction Reagent in Tris Buffer is also available.
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