EasiCollect, Qiagen

Supplier: Qiagen
WB120462 WB120462
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EasiCollect, Qiagen
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
EasiCollect is designed for the collection of buccal cells plus the protection and isolation of DNA using the FTA™ technology.

  • Designed to facilitate collection, transport, and archiving of buccal and saliva samples
  • Includes an Indicating FTA™ Card that changes color from pink to white upon sample addition for easy visualization
  • Allows conventional and direct STR amplification chemistries for easy implementation into workflows
  • Compatible with Hamilton Robotics’ easyPunch™ automation
  • Enables long-term archiving of samples at room temperature

Cells are captured on the foam tip of the EasiCollect™ by swabbing the oral mucosa and subsequently transferred to the integral Indicating FTA™ Card. Upon contact, the proprietary chemical formulation lyses cells, denatures proteins and promotes the binding of DNA to the card matrix. The pink indicating dye on the card will turn white to mark the location of the sample. The card chosen for the EasiCollect™ is compatible with manual and automated punching systems to meet laboratory sample throughput requirements.
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