Kirschner Wire, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
40-1535 40-1565 40-1566 40-1580 40-1567 40-1545 40-1582 40-1562 40-1572 40-1584 40-1571 40-1569 40-1568
10195-808EA 12.14 USD
10195-808 10192-284 10193-736 10192-270 10192-364 10194-330 10193-836 10195-514 10185-280 10193-834 10193-744 10192-356 10193-908
Kirschner Wire, OR Grade, Sklar
Kirschner Wire, also known as K-Wire, is used to stabilize internal bone fragments in both human and veterinary procedures

They are available in several different diameters and lengths, as well as smooth or threaded. Threaded K-Wires, although more difficult to place and remove, tend to provide a more secure hold and do not migrate to unintended areas of the body. K-Wire is inserted directly through the skin with the assistance of a guidance system, and is removed once the bone has healed.
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