CM2800 Series Dual Wire Resistance Monitor, Transforming Technologies

Supplier: Transforming Technologies
CM2800 CM2815
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CM2800 Series Dual Wire Resistance Monitor, Transforming Technologies
Static Control Monitors
The CM2800 Series Dual Conductor workstation monitor provides complete ESD protection by grounding and providing continuous, uninterrupted monitoring of most grounding parameters of operators, workbenches, and tools

The CM2800 alarm settings can be reconfigured quickly and easily with the PC software CM2800-SEE. Operator Resistance, Operator Voltage, Work-surface Resistance, Operator Presence Check (OPC), and Resistance of Equipment alarms can be enabled/disabled and limits selectable to user specifications. The alarm statuses are displayed using tricolor LED’s on the front panel of the monitor to inform operators on the line. Digital values of the resistance limits can be viewed in real-time with the LCD display module CM2800-D, so that the operator can be alerted and respond to grounding problems quickly. The CM2800 is network ready and can easily be connected to other workstation monitors and a computer using the high speed network router, CM2800-H. The host computer is transformed into a command center with the software CM2800-BOSS SEE, a central monitoring program that shows real time grounding results and allows for the adjustment of alarm parameters in up to 4096 workstations. This enables an entire assembly line’s ESD protection to be remotely monitored and adjusted with one computer.

Utilizing low-voltage resistive loop technology and dual conductor ground products, the CM2800 is an extremely sensitive and reliable ground monitoring instrument that uses the operator’s skin resistance to determine if the system is operating properly.
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