VWR® Vertical SpaceSaver™ Glassware Washers

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR® Vertical SpaceSaver™ Glassware Washers
Glassware Washers
Glassware washers feature stainless steel construction for long life and corrosion protection.

  • Up to four loading levels in two independently controlled chambers
  • Each chamber can be customized to meet specific requirements
  • Ultimate space saver provides up to 33% smaller footprint than washers of similar capacity
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long life and corrosion protection
  • Three separate filters protect pumps from debris and are conveniently located for easy access
  • Delayed start feature allows washer to operate unattended
  • Enhanced dual fan drying system
  • Temperature selection to 70°C (158°F) for optimal energy savings of different loads
  • Spindle Rack Ready models can accommodate 1 or 2 direct injection spindle racks

Multiple cycle selections and microprocessor control systems ensure that each load is processed efficiently with minimum energy consumption.

Featuring a high efficiency water management system to help conserve energy, these durable washers have a stacked double washing chamber with independent microprocessor controls for maximum throughput and flexibility. New improved units feature a soft touch controller, improved drying, a quieter run, and are compatible with existing racks and accessories. Three Vertical Stacked Washer models are available: Vertical Stacked Washer with Standard Rack for use with tap water, Vertical Stacked Washer with Top and Bottom DI Rinse - Spindle Rack Ready, and Vertical Stacked Washer with Top DI Rinse/Standard Rack and Bottom Spindle Rack Ready.

Certifications: ETL and ETL-C listed.

Ordering information: Supplied with mounting feet and wheels. A wide range of accessories are available to fit both upper and lower racks; spindle racks, specialty baskets, and other inserts. For more information, contact your VWR representative.

Delivery information: All models come with top and bottom stainless steel open racks to accommodate a variety of glassware; spindle racks must be purchased separately.

Caution: Notwithstanding any other VWR terms and conditions of sale, an order of this product may not be cancelled and the product may not be returned except due to product defects or receipt of an incorrect product.
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