DNAPac™ RP Column, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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DNAPac™ RP Column, Thermo Scientific
Chromatography Columns
The Thermo Scientific™ DNAPac™ RP is a reversed-phase (RP) liquid chromatography column designed for analysis of oligonucleotides and double-stranded (ds) DNA/RNA fragments using LC/UV or LC/MS.

  • For ion-pair reversed-phase (IP-RP) separations
  • High resolution and high throughput
  • Excellent MS compatibility
  • Wide operating pH range (0 to 14)
  • High temperature stability (up to 110 ºC)

DNAPac™ RP are designed for ion-pair reversed-phase (IP-RP) separations of both oligonucleotides and double-stranded nucleic acids. The unique column chemistry provides excellent performance under a broad range of pH, temperature, and mobile phase compositions. In addition, the wide pore size of the resin provides excellent separation of large double-stranded nucleic acids up to 10 k base pairs.

The DNAPac RP column is based on spherical wide-pore 4 μm polymer resin. The phase is highly stable to extremes of pH (0 to 14), and temperature (5 to 110 °C), and operates with mobile phases compatible with direct mass spectrometry. The column may be operated in both HPLC and UHPLC instruments, producing high resolution at high throughput for oligonucleotides and resolves both small and very large dsDNA segments. DNAPac RP reversed phase (RP) column is specifically designed for separation of oligonucleotides and DNA/RNA fragments. The stationary phase is fully compatible with mass spectrometry friendly organic solvents and ion-pair reagents.

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