UV5 Excellence UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, METTLER TOLEDO®

Supplier: Mettler Toledo

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UV5 Excellence UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, METTLER TOLEDO®
Spectrophotometers and Spectrometers UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
UV/VIS Excellence instruments effectively optimize spectroscopic workflows. FastTrack™ Technology allows for speedy measurements of the entire spectrum all within a compact footprint.

  • Unique system design with excellent optical performance
  • Xenon Flash Lamp combined with CCD array detector
  • No warm up time needed, the instrument is always ready for use
  • Open sample area for efficient cuvette handling
  • Robust design with no moving parts

UV/VIS Excellence instruments include One Click, an easy and intuitive way to run tasks right from the terminal

The UV5Nano is the micro-volume spectrophotometry specialist for life science applications. FastTrack™ UV/VIS technology makes the instrument a powerful, compact, stand alone device, which can be easily operated thanks to the One Click™ user interface. The automatic pathlength selection allows measurements over a large concentration range with only 1 μL of sample.

Ready-to-use direct measurement applications and METTLER TOLEDO methods cover a large selection of typical measuring modes and workflows for the Life Sciences including Nucleic Acid Analysis: 260/280nm ratios (with optional background correction at 320 nm) for nucleic acid purity. Protein Analysis: Biuret, Lowry, Bradford, bicinchoic acid and trinitrobenzene sulfonate protein quantification methods. Kinetics tests such as enzyme activity. Standard cuvette or micro-volume measurements available.

A large, seven inch high-resolution terminal provides clear color representation of spectra and results at a glance. The user is always securely guided through step-by-step instructions. UV/VIS spectroscopy has never been so quick to learn and easy to use.

Certifications: METTLER TOLEDO® provides ISO 9001 manufacturing, nationwide ISO 9001 field service, ISO 9001 quality certification, and ISO 14001 environmental certification. CE conformity mark provides you with the assurance that our products comply with the most recent EU directives. This product is CSA certified and UL listed.

Accessories information: Additional components, software, and accessories are available. Contact your VWR sales representative for more information.

Ordering information: Each instrument comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
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