Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 Columns (fused silica), Restek


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Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 Columns (fused silica), Restek
Chromatography Columns
These application-specific columns for blood alcohol analysis baseline separate all critical compounds—including ethanol, methanol, acetone, tert-butanol, acetaldehyde, isopropanol, and n-propanol—in less than 2 minutes.

  • Optimized column selectivities guarantee resolution of ethanol, internal standards, and frequently encountered interferences
  • Robust and reproducible column chemistry ensures longer column lifetime and consistent results
  • Stable to 260°C

Every Rtx®-BAC Plus 1 and Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 column is qualified with a test mix containing these important BAC target compounds to ensure reproducibility.

These columns baseline separate all blood alcohol compounds in blood, breath, or urine, in less than 2 minutes, under isothermal conditions. Isothermal analysis increases productivity by eliminating the need for oven cycling. Confirmation is easily achieved with this tandem set because there are two elution order changes between the columns.
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