Rtx®-Mineral Oil Columns (fused silica), Restek


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Rtx®-Mineral Oil Columns (fused silica), Restek
Chromatography Columns
The Rtx®-Mineral Oil stationary phase and column dimensions are optimized for the fast screening of mineral oils in extracts from solids and water samples according to DIN EN ISO 9377-2:2000.

  • Application specific columns meet DIN EN ISO 9377-2:2000 requirements
  • Optimized column dimensions for fast mineral oil screening
  • Surface linked phase guarantees long lifetime, robustness, and stability to 400°C

The 0.10 µm column is the gold standard for the method, whereas the 0.15 µm column provides more complete separation of C10 from the solvent peak when large injection volumes are used. Compared with common industry solutions, the unique surface bonding of the Rtx®-Mineral Oil column ensures long column lifetime, even at higher temperatures. These unique columns can be used at temperatures ranging from 380°C (isothermal) to 400°C (programmable), and each column is tested individually for bleed to ensure exceptional performance at these extreme conditions.
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