Rt®-U-BOND Columns (fused silica PLOT), Restek


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Rt®-U-BOND Columns (fused silica PLOT), Restek
Chromatography Columns
Porous polymers are unique, highly retentive stationary phases with a wide application range that are able to elute both polar and nonpolar compounds.

  • Restek's highest polarity porous polymer column
  • Polar PLOT column, incorporating divinylbenzene ethylene glycol/dimethylacrylate
  • Highly inert for the analysis of polar and nonpolar compounds
  • Ideal for trace H2S, COS, and mercaptans in hydrocarbon streams
  • Stable to 190°C
  • Divinylbenzene ethylene glycol/dimethylacrylate

These columns are very hydrophobic, so water has no impact on retention times and even elutes as a good chromatographic peak. The Q-BOND is Restek's most nonpolar and widely used porous polymer column; functional groups can be added to increase polarity (i.e., QS-, S-, and U-BOND). The process used to manufacture porous polymer PLOT columns causes the particles to adhere strongly to the walls of the tubing, so there is virtually no particle generation. You get reproducible performance from column to column, including selectivity and flow.
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